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Sunshower is a Cloud Management Platform
That Helps Your Organization Succeed

Our cloud resource management tools demystify cloud computing so you can focus on what matters -- your business.

Get early access to Troposphere,
our visual modeler for applications and infrastructure

Easily Optimize Based on Resource Utilization

With just a few clicks, we give you a plan to save 66% on your AWS EC2 infrastructure.

Get an instance-by-instance breakdown of how to save money

Cloud Optimization

What was reasonable when you started probably isn't so affordable anymore. Figure out how to right the ship:

  • Get recommendations on what instances will get you better results at a lower price
  • Save an average of 66% on your cloud compute bill without re-architecting
  • Get a better rate than you would just moving to reserved instances
  • Ditch time-consuming DIY optimization efforts for an easy & affordable cloud management platform

Cloud Management

It's common to lose track of the little things as you grow. We'll help you keep an eye on your cloud:

  • View your infrastructure around the globe (literally)
  • Create systems to track workloads across different environments
  • Figure out your cloud bill before it's due
  • Learn what resources your software is ACTUALLY using
Our dashboards help you easily view important information about your cloud infrastructure

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We’re pleased to announce Zephyr, a next-generation plugin framework written in Java. Zephyr is an OSGi alternative — inspired by the best parts of it while dramatically reducing complexity and improving interoperability with existing frameworks and ecosystems.
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Why Right Sizing Instances is Not Nonsense

Across all AWS regions, including reserved instances and RDS instances, there are over 250,000 SKUs. There are also dozens of metrics that you'll need to consider when comparing these workloads against a given SKU. At, we acknowledge this and have removed this particular barrier.
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It's tough to get started on the cloud. There are so many options, and confusing pricing structures can make the whole process seem overwhelming. Fortunately, there are lots of great programs dedicated to giving startups access to the resources they need to be successful. (Yes, even free cloud credits!)
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