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beautifully simple cloud management

Now available for AWS EC2

Watch Demo helps your company succeed

Demystify cloud computing and focus on what matters -- your business.

Manage In One Place

View all your infrastructure regardless of regions, accounts or even cloud.

Cut Costs

Learn what resources your software really needs to do its best work.

Know Your Numbers

Get your actual resource utilization, instantly, without the headache.

Prosper with Our Pricing

Get a free account till June 2019, then only pay $20 + $1/instance each month.

Keep the Keys to Your Kingdom

Give us read-only access to your metadata and we'll give you the world.

Easily Optimize Based on Resource Utilization

With just a few clicks, we give you a plan to save 40-80% on your AWS EC2 infrastructure.

Get an instance-by-instance breakdown of how to save money

Cloud Optimization

What was reasonable when you started probably isn't so affordable anymore. Figure out how to right the ship:

  • Get recommendations on what instances will get you better results at a lower price
  • Save 40% or more on your cloud compute bill without re-architecting
  • Get a better rate than you would just moving to reserved instances
  • Take your previous optimization efforts to a new, cheaper level

Cloud Management

It's common to lose track of the little things as you grow. We'll help you keep an eye on your cloud:

  • View your infrastructure around the globe (literally)
  • Create systems to track workloads across different environments
  • Figure out your cloud bill before it's due
  • Learn what resources your software is ACTUALLY using
Our dashboards help you easily view important information about your cloud infrastructure
1 Supported Cloud
40 Optimizable Dimensions
80 Percent You Could Save
On Your Bill


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A nearly empty storage unit

Save 40% or more in 40 Seconds’s optimizing algorithms help you save time and money on the cloud. There’s no upfront cost, and our results are better than our competitors. So how do we do the thing? Imagine you need to rent a storage unit — you have a bunch of boxes, but nowhere to put them. No problem!
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'Cloud Management Platform' Undersells It

Because we need a snappy way to refer to what we do, we call ourselves a ‘cloud management platform.’ But that undersells it. Why? Because cloud management platforms and solutions are for the big guys — the ones with IT budgets the size of small countries, or at least small counties.
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Unit-testing Aurelia with Jest + JSDOM + TypeScript + Pug

Testing UI components is one of the more difficult parts of QA. In Stratosphere, we’d been using Karma + Jasmine, but the browser component had been complicated by the fact that providing a DOM to tests in a fast, portable manner subject to memory and speed constraints can be pretty challenging.
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