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Easily Optimize Based on Resource Utilization

With just a few clicks, we give you a plan to save 66% on your AWS EC2 infrastructure.

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Cloud Optimization

What was reasonable when you started probably isn't so affordable anymore. Figure out how to right the ship:

  • Get recommendations on what instances will get you better results at a lower price
  • Save an average of 66% on your cloud compute bill without re-architecting
  • Get a better rate than you would just moving to reserved instances
  • Ditch time-consuming DIY optimization efforts for an easy & affordable cloud management platform

Cloud Management

It's common to lose track of the little things as you grow. We'll help you keep an eye on your cloud:

  • View your infrastructure around the globe (literally)
  • Create systems to track workloads across different environments
  • Figure out your cloud bill before it's due
  • Learn what resources your software is ACTUALLY using
Our dashboards help you easily view important information about your cloud infrastructure
3 Free Instance Optimization Results
40 Optimizable Dimensions
66 Percent Average Savings

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When you work with a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like AWS or Azure, doesn't the CSP do the cloud optimization for you? Isn't it the CSP's job to make sure what you're running in the cloud is rightsized, your applications are easy to view and manage, and that you're getting the best possible value for your money?
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Why Right Sizing Instances is Not Nonsense

Across all AWS regions, including reserved instances and RDS instances, there are over 250,000 SKUs altogether. There are also dozens of metrics that you'll need to consider when comparing these workloads against a given SKU. At, we acknowledge this and have removed this particular barrier.
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The Big Three: Comparing AWS, Azure and Google Cloud for Computing

If you've heard of cloud computing at all, you've heard of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Between the three of them, they'll be raking in over $50 billion in 2019. If you're on the cloud, chances are good you're using at least one of them.
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Before You Buy a Reserved Instance, Read This

Reserved Instances are an enormous investment. At first glance, that statement might seem counter-intuitive. Reserved Instances (RIs) are widely advertised as the best way to save big on your Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud compute bill.
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How We Optimize Based on Resource Utilization Data

AWS cost management feels like it should be easy, and we talk to a lot of folks who think they've done a good job of it. The fact is, we've yet to see anyone who's not wasting at least 40% of their EC2 bill. Let's walk through it on our platform, and it'll make sense why.
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4 Strategies for Cloud Cost Optimization

Whether it's choosing the wrong instance size, not fully understanding cloud pricing options, leaving unused resources running, or locking yourself into inflexible reserved instance contracts, there are lots of ways to end up with a cloud bill that wreaks havoc on your financials.
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