Sample cloud optimization report showing a savings of more than 50%

What Can Our Optimization Do For Your Company?

Our Anvil optimizer works by looking at the CloudWatch logs of your EC2 instances, crunching numbers across a variety of dimensions, and giving suggestions on the best fitting instance (or instances) for your different workloads. In many cases, the new instances will be less expensive because much of the hardware you've been paying for is underutilized.

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How It Works

If you're already running CloudWatch, Anvil can get to work crafting a solution right away. If not, you'll need to have CloudWatch on your system for about a week (depending upon when your peak activity is) for us to learn about your workloads. Once we've ingested and analyzed your data, we'll be able to craft the best possible solution for the cloud problems you've been facing.

We only need limited, programmatic access to your systems run the optimization, so there's no need to hand over the keys to the kingdom to let us do our thing.

Not on AWS? Let us know that you're interested in another cloud.