The Sunshower platform is FREE until June 2019. Love it, treasure it, use it all you want in that time. In June, it will switch to a standard subscription model. Your first three instances are free. Beyond that it's $100/month or $1000/year, no matter your cloud presence.

Get started with 3 free instances

$100/month or $1000/year for 4 to infinite instances

10% of savings per optimization

Contact us for on-prem pricing

Got 1 instance? $0/month. Got 10 instances? $100/month. Got 100 instances? $100/month. Want to pay for a year upfront? $1000. Want to host it on your own machines? Email us at Want us to do the optimization work? 10% of whatever we save you by doing it. reserves its right to be an entity comprised of humans and change course on this pricing structure, after having given sufficient notice to users.

Got notions on how we're structuring our pricing? Confused about what we're going to charge you? Please let us know.