Screenshot of Kubernetes optimization

Manage Containers for Less

  • Less hassle
  • Less cost
  • Less operational expense

Why pay big bucks for a big name? Leave behind complicated container management software and costly management fees. Get simple solutions without the management markup.

Save 50% over AWS, Azure, and Google's managed container services without sacrificing features or functionality. Deploy and manage clusters with a few simple clicks. We'll automatically take care of scaling and optimization for you.

Our container management platform includes everything you need to manage containers simply and easily, with turn-key solutions that don't require an entire IT team to implement. Enjoy choice, functionality, and flexibility, minus the complexity.

Key Features


Securely deploy Docker containers and Kubernetes pods in minutes. Stay on top of rapid changes through automated deployment of container-based applications.


No more outsized management fees. Access powerful cloud computing solutions for a fraction of the cost of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud.


Containers are automatically scaled based on demand, ensuring that your application and services are perfectly provisioned through peak times and low utilization.